Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some "Real Work" from circa 1987

No contrived theme really, but things evoking the 70's, Retro-kitsch and the slickness of cyberpunk. (non-digital, actual work for Vickie)
Just a few of the works from North Texas before my move to NY in 2000.

Self-portrait, acrylic on canvas, each panel 6 feet tall, 4.5 wide.

Self-Referential, installation at Direct Hit Records in Dallas, way back.
Painted directly on the wall, about 8 feet high.
(Thanks again Kelly!)

Cowhide, moon hubcaps, and rearview mirrors about 5 feet tall and 6 wide.
(Still in posession)

Seven foot canvas with 30 inch brass installed at right.
(canvas destroyed, right work property of friend)

Nancy image silkscreened on blue velvet,
framed with naugahide and spikes, (sold)

First small painting before the lost collaborations with many friends
in Denton, Texas at the time.
(left canvas about 2 feet tall, acrylic, unknown whereabouts)

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