Friday, February 13, 2009

February 14, 2009_Saturday, $$$, thats what I want...

Here I am posting too much information. am attempting to do something every day now. Here for you amusement, I have been making these designs, as a study really, to actually print onto real bills for circulation. Nothing to do with the hack who draws bills in an attempt to pass them off through each day. He is useless because in an interview I witnessed of him, he actually went to a Kinko's and got numerous color prints of his work to pawn off as art to unsuspecting people through each day. Kind of comparable to the Santa Clause lookalike alcoholic selling signed xeroxes in Central Park. You know who I am talking about if you have ever been to more than 10 or so gallery openings in Chelsea and Soho where he and his older entourage drink to excess free of charge all over town.
In these works I do not purport these to be graffiti or vandalism, but embellishments and/or enhancements. Something to make the bills worth more than their initial worth as one dollar bills. Very few are in circulation now. Mostly to friends. Best compliment yet was someone asking me how I 'made' them, thinking I had actually printed both sides. As I was interested in forgery in the past, this has nothing to do with such, almost an opposite concept.

If anyone is interested, I can post the process and supply these in a pdf format so that you can make your own. Hardest part of making these is getting a registration (lining up) on each bill, unregistered they look pretty interesting as well and you have an endless supply these days. It helps me as an artist in the long run and I believe doing this could be interesting, since the newest designs are so absolutely boring compared to banknotes from other countries.

Many more to come L8r.

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