Friday, July 12, 2013

SOMW 41-45

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—— all hand-drawn ——
(side by sides are same drawings)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

new work

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 Tape Installation of
Eve Medusa SOW
1/4 inch tape,
ceiling, 8 ft 

watercolor half-sheet collaboration with Sophie

  collaboration variations 
with Sophie Lamb
2 of 6- shown at
Gallery M2, Houston

Hand-cut variations (no laser cutting)

from the drawing series
SOM (Study of Man)
SOW (Study of Woman)

SOMW —(Study of Man Woman, 
works have male female imagery up and down 
can viewed/seen installed either way)

Acrylic/enamel on canvas

Silver ink on canvas

Acrylic/enamel on canvas

Spray paint on found road sign

Acrylic/silver gold ink
 on canvas

Digital composite of SOM 30-31

self portrait, digital variation on paper
from The Polaroid 100 series
(collection of Larry Miller)

preliminary SOMW_54 for Psychfest 2014
(series now printed)