Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Latest amalgamation

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 Tape Installation of
Eve Medusa SOW
1/4 inch tape,
ceiling, 8 ft 

watercolor half-sheet collaboration with Sophie

  collaboration variations 
with Sophie Lamb
2 of 6- shown at
Gallery M2, Houston

via the drawing series
SOM (Study of Man)
SOW (Study of Woman)
SOMW —(Study of Man Woman, 
SOMW works have male/female imagery up and down 
as shown with the drawings)
All Hand-cut

SOM __


SOM 50

(with first turnable hanger)




Acrylic/enamel on canvas

Silver ink on canvas

Acrylic/enamel on canvas

Spray paint on road signage remnant

Acrylic/silver gold ink
 on canvas

Digital composite of SOM 30, 31, & 32
on canvas

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