Thursday, February 5, 2009


Woke today dreaming of being brainwashed. The whole family involved, we couldn't escape. Heres some old (only digitized) Appropriations. If your in school, feel free to cop any concepts shown here. Steal this if you want, I did. I only ask that you look them up to know what to talk about when someone might recognize who your appropriated (copped).
More on handling such a critique later. It is easiest to appropriate those who already appropriate. They have done some dirty work (uaually in safe marketable manners) and you can only make it dirtier.

Psychodelic variations of Baldesari. 2007

Baldasari vs. Mondrian. circa 2007
I lost so much respect for Baldesary after reading an interview where he stated that the big dots on his paintings were symbolic. Red was for fire, blue was for water and whatever. I used to read more into them, and from then on out I read them as conceptually bankrupt. It is an easy montage idea that he ingeniously put together on a regular basis. Too bad some artists
talk too much.

Kline vs. Kurt Schwitters(I is rorschacked in teh back). circa 2007

You know who...2006

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