Sunday, February 22, 2009

february 22, 2009, Sunday, Fish Habitat Project

One down, Three more to cut. My fish habitat project, soon to be sunk at the lake here. Its just too cold to do now. A design inspired by William Burroughs & Brian Gyson's Dream Machine, that this might just become at a future date.

Here is the Design, printed actual size and wrapped onto the PVC below.
Am tempted to take it out in  a year or so 
to present as a moss covered work somewhere.
(Should they be sanded?)

Concept finalized!
So many possibilities.—notice goggles for size reference
(will post the sinking L8r this spring_maybe...)


  1. Cool. Is that your workshop at Lake Conroe. I remeber visiting you at your dad's place in Lewisville-it was very cool. Fish habitat? What is that about?

    B Tucker

  2. its the garage, in front (back is at lake--which is really considered the front yard if you live lakeside)...This will be put under the lakehouse to attract fish here, keep it a secret. I see lots of people dropping trees around with cinder blocks all over.