Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Roarschock R & D; in the beginning

"invincible" circa 1989, 11 x 14, meant to be flipped whenever. I cant believe I moved to NY with this, lived in over 12 places (lost count about there) and never let this one go. Getting back into the swing here with previous sketches of this sort of style you can see before this post.
What an arrogant title. Back then I was sort of _________.

"Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse", a much better title, shown at 500x, and various other places i think, blown out because of my bad photography, but still may be rolled up somewhere i think. It was designed right on the canvas, no pre-drawing whatsoever. Should have kept going but got tired of stockpiling and gifting everything. Xavier mentioned how these reminded him of Texas oil, I would have never thought of that.

Acrylic on canvas
about 6 feet tall, around 7 wide

Still looking for the gold bar pics. It may take a rainy day of in-and-outing the cd backups, a stack well over a foot, maybe it should be trashed so i can move 4ward...

Leo!, send a pic of that thing you mentioned if you see this!

will be recommending moosicks later, but these guys put me under, all last year an such

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  1. Not sure of the thing I mentioned (let me know), but I wasn't walking around with a camera back then either. Pretty dumb now that I think about it, as I'd really like to see a few things from those days. I'll have to get through what little stuff I do have and post when I get the chance.