Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 23, 2009, Monday, Gold Bar, East Village, NY

The epiphany I had yesterday was an idea rehash of this work (for the near future) and some others not yet culled from the difficult unorganized archives here. Sometimes I even forget what I had accomplished way back. This was a one man show in the Gold Bar, in the East Village before the yuppie influx which pushed them out and boutiques in. It was an ideal show for me, a pinnacle of my minimal art career (if you can call it that) in NY. 
(minimal not a reference to the art movement)

This small bar had stucco/cement walls and ceiling.
(last picture below shows over 1/4th of entire space)

The floor consisted of large metal plates with fluorescent lights in the gaps, and a bar (made at an angle along the full length) with a 10 plus inch gap looking down into the basement where many people dropped drinks, tips, and other things off and on.

I had the Syringe work (to be posted Later) made with over 400 needles suspended outwards from a poured-resin dome installed on the wall/bar below with velcro.

Plexiglass with surveillance dome, chrome drawer pulls & hooks, and magnifying lenses.

Destroyed and salvaged out of my trash
(without my knowledge by Steve and Enju)
maybe one day I can reclaim it.

Here are some industrial foam Roarschocks installed. 
Seats were called butt plugs by my acquaintances there. 
So small, it was usually a segway bar for most bar-hoppers during that era
specializing in Hefeweizen beers. Also much darker than the pics.

The Gold Bar, shown here, was mentioned in the first article printed in the NY-Times discussing Post-Modernism because of its unique architecture. Should have been a historical landmark but thrown away because of the hyperactive city.

Thanks for all who came, except for that bastard who took that huge stack of my stickers at the opening. 

Especially much thanks for the owners who let me have that show there.
(this is not associated with the new gold bar that is now found with a search for it in NY.)

Direct Hit show to come soon, another perfect venue where I showcased my stuff in Dallas before my move to NY in 2000.


  1. good stuff. i remember this show/ installation. didn't you have another piece that was hanging in the basement but can be viewed from the bar above?

  2. It is the syringe work, looking 4 pics for a post of one days soon. Nasty to hang, me and whoever helps always get cut. may be getitng backinto razors again too!, so much fun, bad for children though.

  3. Yes, we do have that piece. If you want, you'll have to come and get it, and alittle bit of fighting, but then we'll wrap it up nicely for you.

    The syringe piece was insane. It really made you think differently about the beer you were drinking. Like, maybe even half a beer was too much while hanging out next to it. I'm surprised I still have my eyes and they didn't become part of the art.

  4. hung that with a freinds 16 year old (son) at around 2 am last year,
    it almost fell since it was on a massive piece of plexi (we were both on ladders).
    –So relieved he did not have "the worst case scenario" accident that would be unexplainable at the hospital. i was just checking on if you guys had the crazy mess i made of that thing, imagine myself maybe remaking/reparing it one day for you. like either of us have that kind of money... send a pic one day if you can, am interested in how you repaired it.