Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feb, 12,_Work circa 1986-1989 etc...

Another group of pre 2000 works. I was on a conceptual roll, but lost steam for a while since then. As seen from the sketches in the first posts, I am getting back into the game here. There is a bit of ground to re-cover going forward from here.

Installation in Dallas, Tx, around 1999?, 20 concave mirrors,
& 20 Rorschach ink blots cut out of pleximirrors (mirror side facing us)
hanging from about 2 feet from the wall.

Small canvas, with Photo and negative xerox statement.
Read it if you want by clicking image below.
Not sure where this one is today.


From around 1986, a group of plexiglass bars forming a road block signifier, with a circle cross with red tape on the wall behind. Called "Anti-Non", caused a bit of a stir with someone in the critique saying that a double negative was not something that exists.
My attempts to make art against art regarding non or anti art.
Anti-nothing achieved
(or so I thought at this point before the hiatus to New York).
Going against the grain so to speak.
Destroyed or lost to time, plexiglass, tape installation, 1986.

PC boards used as Print plates, installed 1987.

More PC boards used as print plates, 1985, single edition,
property of Mark Dombrosky.

A self portrait of sorts. Acrylic on canvas, 7 feet high 5 wide.
Property of Slade Graves (i think...).

Spray paint on found tabletop. Circa 1989?.
Whereabouts unkown

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