Thursday, February 26, 2009

4 Way self portrait

Somewhere around 1998, for Art Resources Transfer, William Bartman enabled me to create this digital work, edition printed on mylar for me to help with the gallery. Way after I thought I had created this, I found the same idea, with rifles, integrated in a Salvador Dali painting. He had done a grid of them on a long plane in one of his later works i think. The Shooting trophy was mine from 'Best Improved Shooter' on a skeet league while in high school.

Bill Yeats taught me instinct shooting, and part of the beginning I was to spend 5 minutes in front of a mirror, pulling a shotgun form the hip to my aim stance over and over, aiming right at my own right eye.

Digital print on Mylar, edition of 10.
(may be reworked at a later date)

Artists with guns, go figure...

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