Thursday, March 5, 2009

Postcards from the underground

Big Daddy Roth 
eat your heart out!

Unicycle accident with egg rain

Hard to describe this, doesn't do the original justice. In Amarillo, Texas I was driving along a deserted back road where I witnessed one of the strangest murals I had ever seen. An abandoned bar with a frosty mug of beer sitting on what appeared to be a female torso, sans arms, legs and head. Just as I looked (with no-one around) I swerved into the other lane and a cop in the mile or so distance saw me, finally drove by and u-turned, going by while doing a wagging finger warning me to pay more attention.

Tasty treat of postcards and various things collected by longtime frend KK in Austin, of Direct Hit fame in Dallas. I have been given the great opportunity to show at her house there in July sometime this year...moar soon!

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