Sunday, March 8, 2009

Collectors of Detritus

Moar here, this time the other sides,

eye figured they knew it was me...
inspired by a postcard I saw at Jan's, I couldn't figure out what was on the front, and then after looking for about 5 minutes-(no exaggeration) I had to ask what it said on the address. She said it was her name and address, somehow the East Village post office figured it out.

Fairly easy to figure where this one is from in the last post, Printing shirts, no money, etc.
I'm not even a Beasty Boy fan, cept 4 that jazz album they did-(the in sound from way out), reminded me of the koolness of Stan Getz.

Like anyone cold clean up the place there, I am still searching for pictures of my myriad of transient studios at the time. Always more fun as a space than making stuff.

Moar fun with the cities Collectors of Detritus.

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