Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Logocentrifuge Detractor

Seemingly unrelated, titles are similar. Done many years apart, this logocentrifuge logo has no place (originally made in the same vein of some backdrops for JG Ballard or  Philip K Dick), although it may have been a good sticker to apply to this work, now long gone. A collaboration with dad here for my MFA Hunter thesis, never shipped and hence trashed due to lack of storage space and discussions of how liquid would leak no matter what. The first test cracked the half inch plexi and no others were run afterwards. It was an attempt to make something in the same vein of the lava lamp. If I win the Lotto (which I don't even play) I may re-build it one day, since i still posses the pieces. Even the chain driven adjustable motor were in full capacity before its destruction. notice the dog urine on the base, from being in the machine shop so long. Beautifully crafted, trashed circa 1998. 

note— this is also a tribute to Philip's dog shown here who later died from drinking antifreeze someone somewhere left lying around.

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