Friday, September 4, 2009

Madonna Series

Maybe this is when I 'married' my art career (in my own perpetual fantasy world/disorder),
all Madonnas were/are about 8" tall ceramics and glazed at the local craft store in Denton in that era. One old lady who ran it seemed to understand what it was all about. I was sitting with mostly women painting cute bunnies, animals and flower arrangements while I was transforming these Madonnas into weirdness. I specifically remember a Sorority girl there applying all the dot lettering onto something that Jeff Koons would die for (I was cutting the stomach out of one of the last Madonnas at the time).

I hope those people I payed these forward to still have them intact. Also hope you all didn't move/sleep on couches as much as I did.

Please contact me with pics if you have any not shown here, I lost track of so much of the past.
I have forgotten so much of what was accomplished in those (dark) days.

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