Monday, June 15, 2009

Studio Life, Greenpoint/Brooklyn

It was quite a few years there,
like I wanted,
holed up
missing connections.
So much gone now.

A sublet,
I remember
(took advantage of Polish immigrants
- even though he was)
milling around
all the time,
meandering the halls
knocking on the door one day.
I shook his hand
as he looked behind me to see this.
My GF and cousin were there.
He was attempting to get everyone
out of the building
through intimidation,
bribes when that didn't pan out
with turning off heat (xmas day)
and water etc.
I was told he would not look anyone in the eye,
walking behind him one day I noticed he did not like it.
I was glad.


I/we did not see what comes around on that one.

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